Site-Based Trainings Offer Afterschool Professionals Hands-On Learning Experiences

Site-Based Trainings Offer Afterschool Professionals  Hands-On Learning Experiences

Site-based trainings are being offered to Palm Beach County’s afterschool programs to help in increasing each practitioner's knowledge of youth development practices to better serve children and youth who attend their program every day. Prime Time’s goal as a local intermediary is to increase quality in out-of-school time (OST) programs so children and youth have better experiences and opportunities.

Site-based trainings encourage team-building and camaraderie, compels employees to be more “in the zone,” facilitates internal networking and relationship-building and prompts a more “hands-on” training experience.

On Friday, March 31, 2023, Lisa Gregoire, Prime Time professional development specialist, led 20 practitioners from Greenacres Elementary and Clifford O. Taylor Elementary afterschool programs through the Navigating the Lesson Plan training. The practitioners learned how to write effective lesson plans that included engaging, fun and educational activities into their afterschool time.

“I really enjoy interacting with practitioners face-to-face! There’s just a special energy in the room. Navigating the Lesson Plan is highly interactive and really pulls together content from across Prime Time’s trainings while taking a dive into new content." - Lisa Gregorie, Professional Development Specialist, Prime Time Palm Beach County

The Navigating the Lesson Plan training supports practitioners to create and practice delivering lessons that provide an engaging and supportive environment for the youth in their programs.

“Now that I've done this training, I’m not going to be as nervous when explaining a lesson plan to the children. I'm going to be able to get them more engaged by properly explaining everything to them.”  -Nicole Villar, Afterschool Practitioner, Greenacres Elementary Afterschool Program

Prime Time’s commitment to offering high-quality professional development opportunities is making a difference in the lives of youth and practitioners by continuing to offer site-based trainings that are tailored to the needs of local programs to create a brighter future for them.

If you would like one of Prime Time's Professional Development Specialists to come to your afterschool program and train your staff, please fill out this form today. We offer 90 min, three-hour or series-based training sessions to fit your program's needs.