Girls on the Run Making a Mind and Body Connection with the Youth

Girls on the Run work with young women in local afterschool programs by helping them recognize their inner strength and celebrate what makes them feel one-of-a-kind. Girls on the Run uses professionally trained coaches to help promote physical activity to build social, emotional, and physical skills for young girls. By doing so they can encourage healthy habits to follow them for a lifetime.

Studies have shown that by adolescence, girls’ confidence can drop. Girls tend to face more challenges in friendships, and their academic ability can even decline. Afterschool is a perfect time for organizations like Girls on the Run to help youth strengthen and develop life skills through physical activity.

On Friday January 6, 2023, expanded learning opportunity provider Girls on the Run visited Pleasant City Elementary Afterschool Program. During the session, the participants learned about balance through an activity that prompted them to think through different life scenarios while running to cones. Each participant wrote down how they would respond to the situation. After the activity they got into a group and shared their thoughts and emotions with one another.

“I enjoy the lessons they are very interesting they seem to enjoy it. It gives me the opportunity to see the girls in a different light because I am also the music teacher. It gives me the opportunity to interact with them on a different level.” - Mrs. Schenck, Girls on the Run Palm Beach
“I’ve been in Girls on the Run for a few weeks, it’s about being able to only be around girls. All the friends I usually have are boys, so it’s fun to have more girls to hang out with.”- Layliana Rivera, Grade 3, Pleasant City Elementary Afterschool Program
“I like Girls on the Run a lot. Today I learned how to balance things like my emotions, screen time, being healthy and activities. I learned how to change negative things into positive things. - Tychantelay Chanty, Grade 5, Pleasant City Elementary Afterschool Program

Girls on the Run provides a safe and healthy environment for young women in after school to communicate and build friendships with one another. By promoting physical and mental health they have created a fun, and friendly atmosphere for the young women to not only build new friendships but provide a safe space for open an honest discussions that they might not have at home.